USA Clothes for Toes



Location: USA

The JD Sheth Foundation is implementing a sock drive for the homeless. Socks are one of the most needed item in the homeless population and are one of the least donated article of clothing. We want to change that. Help us with our 'Clothes for Toes' campaign every November and December annually and give someone the comfort of warm feet during the cold winter months. We will have donation boxes set up at local business (TBA) in Evansville, Indiana during that time period and welcome any monetary donation to purchase socks. If you have any questions, please contact us.

India Water Filtration



Location: India

After traveling to south India in March 2016, The JD Sheth Foundation has decided to fund a water filtration system for the St. Joseph's Convent School in Champion Reef, Kolar Gold Fields, India. After going there and meeting the 100 teachers and 2700 children, we learned that they have a water source for the children, but the water contains 700% more sodium than the human body should consume. Because many of these children don't have running water at home, they go to school and drink this water that is doing more damage than good. With the help of the Andrew Pepper Foundation, we are working towards funding a filtration system for this school to purify the water. The JD Sheth Foundation will be traveling to South India in the summer of 2017 to show you what you have contributed to so please support this project for clean, drinkable water for these children.

Total Cost: $7000 USD

Guatemala Housing Project



Location: Guatemala

During July 9-15, 2017 and July 16-22, 2017, the JD Sheth Foundation will be leading the Dream Team III, consisting of 44 individuals from all over the United States, to Guatemala to build several homes for chosen families. We will be partnering with Constru Casa again to make this happen. We will not only be building a foundation for life for these families, but also supplying them with much needed items for their homes. This project is closed to volunteers at this time. For further info on our 2018 build, please email us through our foundation email.

India School Sponsorship



Location: India

St. Joseph's Convent School Champion Reef, Kolar Gold Fields, India sponsorship program. Please help sponsor a child to go to school. Of the 2700 children that go to this school, almost 75 of them need funding to continue their education. For only $10/month, you can send a child to school that can't afford to go. Help give a child a brighter future by supporting one today.

Total Cost: $10/month, $120/yr per child, or a general donation towards this project

Manila Feeding House



Location: Philippines

The Philippines is a country which gets a tremendous amount of rain and monsoons annually. The JD Sheth Foundation will be funding and building a feeding house/kitchen which will provide a warm and dry shelter to all the families who currently use tents to escape the weather. Airline Ambassadors International and other private sponsors provide several hot meals a week for these families and continuously follow up with them several times a year. We are honored to promote the health and well being of these families through this project. We will be taking volunteers on this build and more information will be provided this summer. If you are interested in joining our team or have any questions, please contact us.