In 2008, Jaimie Sheth and a friend were traveling in southeast Asia and were inspired by three Australian men who were building a playground in the region. Because of that chance meeting, Jaimie and her friend were moved to built a school that next year in Cambodia. The Jaimie Sheth and Chi Tran School was built in 2009 for 355 children in the Province of Prey Veng in the District of Kamchay Mear near the Vietnam border. She was able to go see the impact of their efforts on her journey to Cambodia in 2010. They were able to meet the teachers and children, the villagers, the mayor, and donate school supplies. This was the first project she facilitated and the impact on her was so profound she formed the JD Sheth Foundation.
Photos by: Jaimie Sheth and Tommy Levan
The Jaimie Sheth and Chi Tran School.